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Intro to Weaving


About the Course

Students will learn the basics of using a multi-shaft loom while playing with different types of yarns and patterns. What is a multi-shaft loom? Most commonly associated with floor and table top looms, this type of loom allows weavers to pick up large groups of threads at a single time making the weaving process much faster. It also provides weavers with greater ability to weave complex patterns. Students will have the opportunity to use both a table top and a floor loom and will learn how to read a pattern, select proper yarns, prepare a loom, and weave the fabric. No previous experience is necessary.

Your Instructor

Maggie Leininger

Maggie Leininger

Maggie Leininger is an artist and maker infatuated with color, pattern, textile processes, and community engagement. Maggie previously taught fibers at Arizona State University and currently teaches art at DePaul University in Chicago.

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